It is our mission to enhance the competitiveness of Egyptian Engineering products by providing export-related services to enhance marketing capabilities, strengthen human skills, and eliminate obstacles.


Our vision is to be the credible voice of the Egyptian Engineering community. By increasing exports while achieving financial and membership sustainability, we will be viewed as a reliable partner for the support of the growth of the sector.

Our challenges

  • To create greater export awareness in the local business community.
  • To enhance export assistance partnerships with other local organizations.
  • To build export assistance partnerships with external organizations.
  • To construct an advanced web portal for the Council.
  • To identify issues that affect export trade and to compile constructive suggestions for improvement, in order to communicate them to the appropriate bodies for action.
  • To support programs and services of the Export Service Providers and stakeholders.
  • To lobby for the support to eliminate export-related legal and/or logistical hurdles.
  • To identify export financing sources for businesses.
  • To develop capacity building for the members of the Council.
  • To counsel local businesses.