Board Message

Board Message 15/8/2015 Board Message

The Engineering Export Council of Egypt has recorded a steadiness in the growth rate for the Exports of the Engineering Industry. Therefore, a market strategy has been developed in order to target 35 markets and focus on 5 markets as Spearheads, Kenya, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Italy and Kazakhstan.


Other obstacles have appeared as well lately that added up in hindering exports such as the Central Bank regulations for limiting the dollar deposit in banks which mainly hinders trade relations with Ethiopia, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Syria and Iran. In addition to another problem related to the decline of export incentives and the delay of reimbursement since July 2014.

The Engineering Exports represent 13% of the total non-petroleum industrial exports. The Competitiveness Report for Egypt will be the guide for the Council to double the exports by year 2017 to jump from 2.9 Billion USD in year 2014 to 5 Billion USD by year 2017. However, the challenges are huge due to the steadiness for exports growth rate since 2011.


We will start tackling market problems to increase the Egyptian Share within 3 Regions:
• Black Africa
• North Africa and Middle East
• Europe and other countries

“Egypt is the Gate to Africa” that will be the main target to brand Egypt as a hub for complete knock down operations or for traders and to make use of the free trade agreements and trade blocks agreements such as COMESA, SADC and East Africa.

“Investment for the purpose of Exporting” is another target as we have very successful models such as Samsung for Electrical Goods and Leoni for Auto Parts Feeding Industry.

Adding up to the Export community by paying attention to Small and Medium Enterprises and support them to be part of supply chains for Bigger Companies.

Another focus will be helping the companies to meet the European Standards in order to access the European Market and compensate their loss in the Arab Region.

Therefore, in a nut shell, the focus will be:

  • Expanding in Black and North Africa through trade missions and trade fairs; in addition, trying to use El Nasser premises as warehouses and storage areas;
  • Regaining the Market Share in Middle East Region;
  • Increasing Exports to Europe by complying with European standards and help in improving the quality infrastructure and safety measures.