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Description: EGYTRAFO Grp. has experience since 1979. It consists of EGYTRAFO, which has been established since 1994, & it produces Oil Transformers ranging up to 15 MVA, 33 KV as well as Ni-Cd Batteries types KPL & KPM ranging up to 800 Ah. EGYTRAFO INDUSTRIES has been established since 2007 as a result of EGYTRAFO's achieved success. It produces Dry Type Cast Resin Transformers up to 3.6 MVA, 22 KV. EGYTRAFO Grp. has 70% of the local market for Ni-Cd batteries & 15% for transformers. - We are proud to announce the birth of our new factory GULF-TEPCO in KSA, which is a result of EGYTRAFO's Grp. & TEPCO's achieved success. The factory is located in El-Madinnah El Monawara & produces the same products as both companies. All products are manufactured according to the latest IEC standards.
Sector Electrical and Electronic Industries
Governorate Cairo
Address Ibrahim Salem St. 7 El Merghany, Heliopolis, 12121 Cairo, Egyp
Quality Certificates KEMA Certificate, ISO 14001-2009. ISO 9001-2008 and OHSAS 18001-2007
Contact Person Eng. Mohamed Mohsen