The King From Egypt

The King From Egypt 2015 July 01

Egyptian manufacturer MCV has been active in the UK doubledeck market for a number of years, achieving its most notable success with 19 bodies delivered to a major London tour operator in both closed- and open-top form on Volvo B9TL chassis.


The B9TL’s replacement at Euro 6 is the B5TL, powered by the four-cylinder, 240bhp 5.1-litre D5K engine.


MCV’s relationship with the Swedish giant has continued, and it now offers its new EvoSeti body on the B5TL. EvoSeti picks up where the previous model left off, says MCV Bus and Coach MD Ashraf Fawzi, but unlike its predecessor, EvoSeti is available in a variety of height and length combinations. It will also be built in full and partial open-top layouts.

he adds “We have tried to include as many options as possible in EvoSeti,” explains Ashraf. “We now have both low- and normal-height layouts available, and we can also body both the long- and short-wheelbase B5TL. “That gives four possible combinations at heights of 4.2m or 4.4m, and overall lengths of 10.4m or11.4m. Maximum seating capacity is 83, and on shorter buses we can offera capacity of 100 passengers. “We have worked with Volvo to reduce weight. It has taken a substantial amount out of the drivetrain, while we have made improvements both inside and outside the body to give at least a 600kg reduction on the previous model.” The first EvoSeti is already sold to EYMS and is scheduled for delivery this month. In the meantime it is being demonstrated to other operators, and was made available last week for a routeone Test Drive.